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Welcome to HSGM Heat Cutting Equipment & Machines!

 Toll Free: 888-854-HSGM (4746) M-F 8am-5pm EST

We are your source for high quality heat cutter, hot knife, soldering iron tools and supplies.

HSGM products are developed and engineered by our parent company HSGM GmbH, the pioneers of heat cutting equipment, in Walluf, Germany. Our products are designed to cut and seal the edges of synthetic materials such as rope, webbing, fabric, foam and many other materials using heated blades, wires and bands. HSGM products eliminate synthetic ropes from coming unraveled, threads from pulling out of the edge of synthetic fabric, the dust that is emitted from cutting polystyrene foam with a saw, or having to run a drop cord to a component that needs a very small solder. These solutions are just the beginning of the benefits that you will achieve from using HSGM products. A large number of HSGM customers have been using HSGM products for many years and they can be found in a wide range of industries worldwide. If you cannot find an HSGM product that is exactly right for your particular application, we also specialize in custom built equipment and machines that are designed to fit your specific needs.

Advantages of HSGM products:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives that specialize in heat cutting and heated devices for multiple applications, who are eager to answer any of your questions to earn your business.
  • Quality German engineered products.
  • Multi-Industry proven products.
  • Multiple blade styles for numerous applications in stock. Custom designed blades available.
  • Quick shipping...Most in stock products are packed and ready to ship within an hour.
  • All HSGM units have a one year limited warranty covering manufacturer defects.
  • HSGM units are designed to provide many years of operation when used properly. We also have a full service department with minimum turnaround time and we carry parts for plant maintenance departments and the do-it-yourselfer (Certified Electrician recommended).
  • Custom equipment and machines…We can design and build heat cutting equipment for specific applications.
  • Free test cutting...So you can see the results of our equipment with your synthetic material.


Whether it’s long cuts or short cuts, straight or shaped, short term or production, we have the right heat cutting equipment for you. So give us a call to join the other professionals, in their specific industries, that use HSGM products. 

 Questions? Feel Free to Call

While HSGM USA wants to provide you with the best in Internet based research... we still believe in personal customer service. We aim to have very friendly and helpful customer service every time you contact us. So feel free to browse our website or call us with your questions. We can always be reached directly at our toll-free number: 888-854-HSGM (4746). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our equipment or your application(s). Our office hours are 8am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday.


Not Just a Heat Cutter!

This hand operated electric heat cutter tool can cut small quantities effortlessly and is recommended for short-time operation (10 min. or less). It is suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabric, such as cloth, cords, ropes, webbing, and mesh fabric. The heat up time of the blade is a mere 6-8 seconds. Because HSGM, Inc. stands behind all of its products, this versatile handheld cutter also comes with a limited one-year manufactures warranty that covers any manufacturer's defects. Best of all... it's very economical at only $125.28! Call us to place your order for a HSG-0 Heatcutter today. (Blade sold separately)

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